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Why teach online with Medmastery?

Express yourself

Explore creative new ideas and innovate in a supportive environment.

Establish expertise

Stand out as a trusted authority with your own course.

Free up time

Create course content once and use it again and again.

Increase impact

Teach thousands of clinicians online, so they can help millions of patients.

Build passive income

Create a course and let it earn $$ as you sleep. Clinical practice is no longer your only source of income.

Grow as an educator

Learn the latest design and teaching principles for online education.

I enjoyed the process of creating a high-yield course with Medmastery so much that I did it twice. Their experts will guide you through the process of distilling your teaching to its absolute finest. I’ve been passionate about medical education for nearly two decades, and I’m very proud of the courses we created. I’m honored that my teaching can now reach a global audience and equalize access to excellent medical education.

— Siamak Moayedi, MD (Assistant Professor and Director of Medical Student Education, University of Maryland)

What educators say about working with Medmastery

Creating a course with Medmastery was such a personally rewarding experience. Despite thinking I was an experienced teacher, teaching online is very different to teaching in person, and it both challenged and pushed me to develop my skills and become a better educator! Medmastery has really perfected their course development processes and I am sure you will come to appreciate the simplicity of their approach—it really works!

David O'Brien, MBChB, MD (Consultant interventional cardiologist, Clinical Director of Cardiology at the Lincolnshire Heart Centre, UK)


I am not a clinical teacher but I teach biochemistry; can I teach with Medmastery?

Unfortunately, at this time we are only looking for clinical teachers since we are looking to share clinical skills and reasoning-based content with our learners. The majority of our learners are practicing clinicians so we want to make sure we are providing content that is targeted to their needs.

Are teachers compensated?

Teachers receive royalty-based compensation every 6 months for the videos they create.
The details and most recent payout amounts can be discussed in detail with a member of our teacher recruitment team.

What is the time commitment to create a course with Medmastery?

Generally from start to finish, it takes about 10 months to create an average-length course with about 30 videos. Each teacher’s individual time commitment can vary greatly depending on how long it takes them to create content. There is typically an allotted content creation window of around 6–8 weeks, and a heavier editing period prior to recording, but outside of these no more than 1–2 hours a week is usually required.

What is the process for creating a course with Medmastery?

We would love to hop on a call to share more details in depth with you. If you fill out the information at the top of the page and we are interested in working with you, we will reach out to schedule a time to speak!

In general, you provide the medical expertise and content, and we provide the medical editors, designers, production team, and everything else that helps bring a course to life online.

Our teachers work closely with our course managers (most MD or PhD trained), who act both as project managers and as the first learners of your course. They help you distill down the content, as well as communicate with our course designers who create the amazing designs you see on screen.

When it is time to record the course, you can choose to record at home or we can fly you to Austria to record in our Medmastery studio where you can meet our team!

I have created content for someone else, can I still teach with Medmastery?

In the past, if another platform has created something with you previously, we have found ways to collaborate and share across platforms while creating new content with you.

I have a specific question related to collaboration or teaching with Medmastery. Is there someone I can contact?

If you have a specific question about teaching with Medmastery, you can reach out to Shilpa at If it is regarding your candidacy to teach, we please ask you to complete the process at the top of the page. We kindly ask you not to simply send your CV to this inbox.